• Acinelle

    Acinelle, the first emulsion for the breast

    Acinelle is an emulsion containing active ingredients that decrease the feeling of the tense and sensitive breasts mainly during certain periods of the menstrual cycle.

    Acinelle is the only complete local treatment associating recognized and synergistic active ingredients.

    Acinelle by its anti-oedematous action, relieves swelling breasts and does not have a hormonal action.

    The active ingredients of this emulsion ensure the flushing of the breast microcirculation. This exclusive formula guarantees also an hydration of the cutaneous tissue surface.

    The choice of a product with local action is recommended and fully justified, because it is a question of obtaining a fast action. No need to have a doctor prescription..

    Acinelle brings the feeling of comfort and well being to the breast. Its exclusive emulsion allows a sustained rapid action due to the natural active ingredients selected for their lenitive, restructuring, invigorating and regenerating properties..

    Acinelle is effective and relieves very quickly symptoms. Acinelle has been tested clinically and it is an evidence based product..

    Acinelle alleviates the feeling of the painful breasts with anti-ageing properties thanks to the exclusive association of natural active ingredients.

    Product features

    • Active ingredients improving microcirculation.

    • Active ingredient encapsulated into micro-capsules to ensure a better penetration into tissues within the centre of the mammary gland.

    • Ultra rich but thin emulsion to ensure tonicity, elasticity and cutaneous hydration.

    ACINELLE, is an association of natural active ingredients, as of the first application, relieves and alleviates the unpleasant feelings of tension in:

    • Improving venous and capillary circulation.

    • Eliminating excess of water in internal tissues.

    • Ensuring an anti-radical free activity (the anti-radicals free limit the effects of ageing).

    ACINELLE is a local treatment adapted to the problems arising from the mammary tensions.

    The breast tension as we have seen is a frequent symptom for the woman in active genital period. When she has no subjacent patholgy symptoms, there is a request for effective treatment without the obligation in supporting over-treatment (hormonotherapy).

    The choice of a product with local action is justified, because it’s a question of obtaining a fast action with a product obtained without prescription.

    But to act quickly mean, to choose an active product on each dysfunction of the mammary gland can undergo during the menstrual cycle.

    These dysfunctions are:

    • An increase in the capillary permeability involving an oedema compressing the capillaries and the veins.

    • This compression decreases the venous return and worsen the mammary congestion.

    • The mammary congestion involves tissue inflammation.

    • The mammary congestion distends collagenous fibres and the skin (derm + skin).

    • This distension accelerates the ageing of the skin, by decreasing tonicity, elasticity and the cutaneous hydration.

    • The solution consists in attacking each dysfunction with adapted and effective products.



    The ruscus is particularly efficient to fight circulation troubles in particular in cases of phlebitis, varicose veins (employment is recommended each time the vein is inflamed). It tones up the vein wall and avoids thrombosis.

    It also fights rheumatic pains, gout and dropsy.

    It traditionally reduces heavy leg sensations and annoyances due to haemorrhoids.

    Gingko Biloba

    Because they regulate and prevent microcirculation peripheral vascular disorders, ginkgo biloba extracts can be used in anti-varix products or to fight varicose ulcers and heavy legs.

    Grape leaf

    Red vine leaf and grape extracts are allotted anti-blotch, anti-oxidizing and free radical scavenging virtues and are thus very appreciated to delay skin ageing.

    Red vine leaf extracts moreover have softening and astringent properties

    Horse Chestnut

    The therapeutic indications mentioned for an oral use are as follows: “traditionally used in manifestations of fragility of the small vessels of the skin and to reduce heavy leg feeling or discomfort due to haemorrhoids”.

    Applied topically, horse chestnuts are also “traditionally used to reduce discomfort due to haemorrhoids”.

    Horse chestnut fruit and bark notably treat venous disorders (varicose veins, phlebitis, oedemas...).


    The water-soluble fraction has activities anti-radicalizing, astringent, regenerating and restructurating.

    These properties make it recommended for:

    products for the body

     products for the care of the face, in particular the eye contour, the anti-radicalizing creams for mature and stressed skins, of the nourishing preparations for damaged skins

    Sweet Almond oil

    The sweet almond oil is lenitive and nutritive, it is used in massage on the skin to return its elasticity to him, to prevent the formation of the wrinkles and to keep its flexible and young aspect. It is thus an agent anti-age appreciated because of its regenerating and hydrating properties.

    Vitamin E & C

    Both vitamins have anti-oxydant properties and synergic actions. They play a role in the collagen syntesis and therefore on the tonicity and flaxibility of the skin. It prevents wrinkles.